Mobile Phone Insurance

You can ask for mobile insurance when you buy the cell phone itself. Make sure that you that the premium amount towards the insurance is less. Go for a good, well-known insurance company and do not be swayed in by the eager shopkeeper who says that this particular insurance company is specialized in mobile insurance. Do not be surprised if the said company vanishes in thin air later. That is why, it is important to do you own research and find out some good insurance companies around that are reputed in this area mobile phone insurance. There are quite a few insurance companies that have given priority to mobile insurance, which can definitely work to your benefit.

Check with insurance companies and the mobile provider if you are able to get the same mobile number in case you lose the cell phone. Find out if the insurance company can provide for free SIM card replacement as well, if you have a GSM phone. Your mobile phone is probably the most important gadget that you use. There are many of us who take it for granted, and there are people who think that they will never lose their smartphones. But a popular research has shown that smartphones are the most flicked of all gadgets. So you can never be very sure! It is better to be tension free by investing in a good insurance plan that covers your mobile phone comprehensively. After all, the cell phone insurance premiums are very less and if you are someone who is always on the phone and needs the mobile phone always, this small investment can be quite worthwhile.

There is a rising incidence in mobile thefts and with the proliferation of featured packed smartphones around, criminals are always on the lookout for stealing them, robbing you of your favorite gadget, not to mention the hundreds of dollar that you spent in getting this fancy piece. Though manufactures and independent companies have introduced software like mobile-tracker to secure these devices, the mobile phone insurance is the best way to make sure that you are compensated for any loss due to the stealing of your mobile phone.

Insurance companies are tying up with leading mobile brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry, Samsung, Motorola etc to offer the best insurance for their customers. Basically, there are two types of mobile insurance plans: you can either get a handset that is equal to the value of the phone that you lost or you can financial benefit that can compensate for the lost phone. Insurance companies do have clauses wherein you are not eligible to the insurance like things that prove your carelessness (when there is reasonable information to believe that you could have easily taken care of the phone) or if you lose it in conditions like water and fire, etc. Make sure you are aware of the conditions in which an insurance can cover your gadget and the ones in which it will not cover.

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